Rick Marvin, CAC

Certified Addiction Counselor

After the death of their son Rusty from a cocaine overdose in 2005, Rick and his wife Amy have dedicated their lives to helping other families fight and overcome addiction, grief, and trauma. They do this by being open, sharing their story, and offering free support groups. Rick has been working in the field of addiction since 2006. He has worked as a BHT, an interventionist, patient advocate, counselor, and now as a therapist. He is currently a certified addiction counselor as well as a certified drug and alcohol interventionist. Rick’s sobriety date is May 8th 2005. So he understands what it takes and how the process of recovery really works. He lives it, and he teaches it.

Rick and his wife Amy opened Rusty’s House in South Florida because the need for real recovery and people with true knowledge of how the recovery process works is few and far between.

 This is why they live in the house and have one on one recovery with their clients. There simply is no better way to learn the 12 Step recovery process then from people who actual work and live it and have experienced a great deal of time clean and sober.

Rick takes great pride in his recovery. Far from perfect, he understands the peaks and valleys and has always stood on the right side of the fence when it comes to putting the addict’s needs first. This is a very difficult thing to do, but with love and compassion, he fights for his own recovery and all those around him.


Amy Marvin

Case Manager

Amy started working in the field of recovery following the death of her son Rusty from a cocaine overdose in 2005. She and her husband Rick formed a nonprofit to help young people and their families with addiction, treatment, and recovery. After 5 years of running the nonprofit, they moved to South Florida to start a new chapter and program. Today Amy runs the marketing, case management, and referral department of Rusty’s House and is the house mom. Amy helps with life skills, preparing family style dinners, fitness training and water sports. She also helps get our clients to and from all their appointments if necessary. Amy and her husband Rick also run a free family / parent support group in Lake Park, Fl.

To understand what true pain and misery means, to feel it, live it, then by God’s grace, overcome it, is truly a miracle. Amy has been blessed with this miracle and has chosen to share it with anyone who wants or needs help with addiction.

Losing a child to the senseless disease of addiction is bad. Really bad. Amy has channeled her grief and loss and has turned it into something wonderful and very powerful. She calls it hope. And if you’re a drug addict or alcoholic, it can be found at Rusty’s House.


Hailey Conde

Operations Manager

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Hailey graduated from Spring Arbor University in 2011 with a BA degree in Psychology. She started her career working at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and managing a sober living house in San Diego, CA.

During her employment at the rehab and sober living house, she dealt directly with all clients and their path to recovery. She was the Lead Resident Assistant and Administrative Assistant. Her main responsibilities included, distributing medication, maintaining daily client logs, maintaining client schedules, transporting clients, planning all meals and managing all operations for the sober living house.

Currently, Hailey manages the website development, social media and all administrative tasks for Rusty's House. She also has over 4 years of experience as an Administrative Assistant.

Having grown up in an environment full of drug addicts and alcoholics, I know how important recovery and sobriety is to maintaining healthy relationships and a healthy life.

Rusty's House provides a safe environment, with knowledge of addiction and how to create and maintain a better life for yourself and your family.